On the value of extreme moderation, “how to show up for things that may want to happen”, and the only time it’s great to not have enough time.

Writer and singer-songwriter, Bryan Greenberg is likely recognized as the star of the HBO series, How to Make It in America, or as the star of the ABC drama, October Road. You many also recognize Bryan from many other shows, including his most recent appearances on The Tick and The Mindy Project. You can also find him on the big screen in more than a dozen indie films, not to mention a ton of bigger features like Prime, Friends With Benefits, and Bride Wars, to name a few. Acting aside, Bryan’s a prolific singer-songwriter, who’s released two albums and whose music has been featured everywhere, in both film and television.

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29:24 ~ “It's more or less a competitive, adrenaline thing that kicks in and... all the fear and the anxiety, to me, goes away because there's no need for it... It's a wasted energy - you don't have time to be nervous. You have time to be anxious... You gotta get the shot. You got to drop in... I love that.”

33:53 ~ “You you watch your thoughts. Sometimes the anxiety kicks in the stress kicks in. All these made up. You know, 'I don't have enough money' or you know, 'I need to do this, I need to do that...' all these chores... They can kind of cloud your brain... It happens everybody.”

52:24 ~ “I believe in moderation and just everyday I try to work towards a goal... So I try to be physically active every day, even if it's something like I only just get like a couple of pushups or something or do 10 minutes of yoga or I go for a run... It's a mental thing for me though more. It's not a physical thing. That helps me feel better about myself if I do something physical, if I work towards my goal of... having an acting career. So whether that be reading a script of a roll I’m about to shoot, or pestering my agents about what the fuck is going on, or right now I just wrote a film that I'm gonna direct and I'm meeting with producers on... so I'm working on that every day... my music: and that could just be like scheduling a photo shoot or rehearsing a song or going into the studio or doing a gig. If I'm checking off these boxes, I feel good about myself. Even if they're small little things. But if I’m making progress, that gives me balance.”

1:08:48 ~ “If you want things to happen, you have to make yourself available for [things] to happen. So if you want to write a song, you've got to sit down at a piano or sit down with a guitar and a journal and start playing. You gotta show up and maybe something will come out of it and maybe something won't, but something definitely won't if you don't show up.”

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