On the hows and whys of remaining inspired, really knowing what you want, and nurturing mystery.

Today we talk to actor, writer, and musician Stephanie Hunt. I got to know Steph when she played my little sister on the TBS series Your Family or Mine. You also may know her from Friday Night Lights, Californication, How To Live With Your Parents For the Rest Of Your Life, and most recently, The Resident. Currently, she is touring in the US and Australia with Megan Mullally in their incredible cabaret act Nancy and Beth.

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10:04 ~ “What my job is, first and foremost... is to remain inspired. Because then you can do anything - you can do acting; you can do music; you can write; you can have a conversation... That's what the real job is.”

11:48 ~ "People who have been mothered properly know how to take care of themselves in a really gentle, nourishing way." - KF

52:06 ~ "One of the things I think about life in general is that our society, especially as Americans, we don't see mystery as a virtue. I see mystery as a virtue. And I'm cool with mystery. I like the unknown. I like exploring. I like being in that space with people. I like nurturing that space. I like cultivating it. And I think it's important - not knowing what you're going to be, who you are, what this thing is going to be, and letting it kind of unfold in whatever way it's going to."

1:14:50 ~ "A big part of manifesting is really knowing what you want. And I make myself question why I would want those things a lot."

1:15:09 ~ "If you aren't thinking about what roles are exciting to you and what you're interested in exploring artistically or saying in the world or what you think is important, then it's all gonna be driven from this baseline idea rather than a specific thing that is what you're trying to call toward you... That's never gonna be enough."

1:17:14 ~ "Everything is one. And there's so many different perspectives. And what it takes to be able to get to that place where you can listen and hear from outside of your body is a process that I'm super into."

1:31:27 ~ "I like to make lessons out of my strife and to note it, rather than... writhe in it or be upset at myself or think, 'Oh man I'm a terrible person. I'm so self-centered and I'm not aware of other people...' or whatever it is. I like to try and think about why I don't like how that felt and then make intentions for the future. And those are actually things that I'll write down."

1:33:22 ~ "If you're feeling like you fucked up, sometimes if you look a little harder, there are ways in which maybe you didn't. And actually there are mini-successes in there that you can draw from." - KF

1:34:12 ~ "Everything is in cycles. So if you're feeling terrible, there's still a cycle to go through and that's going to be some sort of unconscious coming to consciousness. And in the end, I want to be able to feel OK and good about whatever this is. So how can I get there…? That's kind of a seeking mystery type thing." [01:34:38][26.5]

1:36:23 ~ "inspiration is the medicine for insecurity."

1:36:39 ~ "If you're not inspired, then it's probably not over."



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