On pursuing excellence, bringing in the boat, and harnessing an unrivaled sense of power.

Jonathan Tucker is well-known not only for his roles in films like The Virgin Suicides, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostage, In the Valley of Elah, The Ruins and Sleepers, but also for TV roles in shows like The Black Donnellys, Parenthood, and Westworld. Most recently, you saw him on Snowfall for FX. Before that, he was one of the stars of the series KINGDOM on Direct TV. He also just starred in the Oscar-winning short, SKIN. Coming up on the big screen, you’ll be able to see him in the new Charlie’s Angels. And on the small screen, you’ll be able to see him as one of the stars of the drama, City On A Hill, which premiers this summer on Showtime.

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2:39 ~ “Look everything is vibrating… I mean everything is literally vibrating… I mean the table the hard concrete is literally moving. Yeah. You know so when you start to appreciate that when you start to understand that we're living in a physical world, and you can intellectualize all these things and that's an important part of the work, as an actor, but you also have to be present and grounded in your body in the physical world because you're vibrating too."

24:41 ~ "On one hand, it's crazy to look in the mirror when you're crying, and on the other hand there's something really healthy about it, because we're not only our thoughts and feelings - we're something bigger than that. We can actually observe our thoughts and feelings. We're not just like caught up in the Sturm und Drang of issues. And that's really a valuable tool for humans." - KF

38:10 ~ “Room to fail is... what gives you the gasoline to pursue excellence.”

38:27 ~ “It should be scary... You should feel like there's so much work to do that if you don't start right now today doing it that you're gonna miss things. The beautiful part about this conversation, or about this process, or ethos, is that... what you're working to do is to ultimately get entirely out of your head and be entirely free.”

41:49 ~ "If you know that throwing an interception is not the end of the game... Or you know that if you're fired from the job it's not the end of your career, then what are you worried about? ...I've been fired and it was the most liberating experience of my whole life, because I was like, 'Oh. This is the worst case scenario?'”

47:16 ~ "The fact is, you know if you should break up with that boyfriend or not. You know it... If I said go to an A.T.M. machine and press stay or leave. And that was it and the whole thing was settled. You know the answer. Do you take the job or do you not take your job? Do you ask for the raise or not take the raise? You know the answer... You know the answer. The problem is... You've put a cloud between your creative source - your sense of truth, your gut your instinct, whatever you want to call it - and the decision. And that's fear. But you know the answer. You know what the answer is. You know it.”  

48:42 ~ “All I'm working on is how little distance there is between my creative source - my sense of truth - and the decision.”

1:04:10 ~ “I want everybody to know that being an actor... is a conduit to living an incredibly realized life and that it doesn't just have to be for actors.”

1:06:54 ~ “When you tell the truth all the time. When you're honorable and you do honorable things and you're kind to people… When you're fair with people... it's a way to ground yourself. It's a way to have a satisfying experience, because you can't buy those things. You can't buy those qualities. And it gives you a sense of power... in the world that's unrivaled.”



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