On how to learn from the seasons, how to have a boyfriend even when you’re single, and how the top of one hill is the bottom of another.

Actor, writer, and producer Kellee Stewart can be seen in dozens of films and TV shows. On the small screen you know her from My Boys, The Soul Man, and more recently, Midnight, Texas on NBC and Blackish on ABC. You also know her from films like Guess Who, Monster-In-Law, and Hot Tub Time Machine 1 & 2. Upcoming, you will be able to see Kellee in the remake of Pride & Prejudice for Lifetime.

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5:09 ~ “Your purpose comes from your pain.”

31:22 ~ “Anger continues the tether.”

37:18 ~ “You have a vision for yourself - it's where you're going. So you only align yourself with people and things that are going to forward the momentum towards that vision.”

44:00 ~ “When [your kids] know without a shadow of a doubt that they are your priority, you have already given them the winning ticket to get through this life.”

46:09 ~ “This is who my mom is. This is who I was raised by. And she still will say to me, ‘be careful about how you speak about my child.’ I love her, so I have to be accountable for what I say about myself and that makes me fully aware that self-love is my responsibility.”

49:34 ~ “I think that oftentimes, when an emotion or a support system is not given to us by the person that we feel it should come from - whether it's because they're deficient or incapable or wounded on their own, [or] possibly deceased [or] just not in your life, whatever it may be - that we focus on the fact that they, whoever that they is, is not giving us the thing that we think they have to give us. And so we then become blind to the fact that God is supplying it to us through another person, because we are so focused on how we think it should come our way. And when we remain focused on that, it is blurry that it's actually in your life. It just doesn't look or sound the way that you think it should.”

51:18 ~ “I don't have a boyfriend. I'm not in a relationship right now, but I do have men in my life who will take my car to the shop when I need it, who will protect me and walk on the outside of the street, who will answer the phone any time day or night if I need them, who will come to me if I'm ever in an emergency or take me to the doctor... Though I don't have that in one man that I call boyfriend or husband or fiancé yet. I have it in different places in my life. And so I think it's about where you put your focus.”

52:27 ~ “We don't know how the things that we want are going to come. And sometimes, when we look so hard for the things that we want in the form that we imagine them coming in, we miss the fact that we may already have a lot of what we want already.” - KF

1:02:34 ~ “When it flows, you know it's God.”

1:16:44 ~ “‘The top of one hill is the bottom of your next.’ That is a quote from Angela Davis. Not me. The top of one hill is the bottom of your next. So have that victory at the top, because you earned it. And get ready for another victory that you have to climb to. That's life.”


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