On the joy of quiet moments, being authentically you, and saying morning affirmations.

Actor Angela Kinsey is best known for her role as Angela Martin on The Office, and starred alongside Kat in the hit comedy, Your Family Or Mine. You can also see her in Hulu’s the Hotwives series: Hotwives of Orlando and The Hotwives of Las Vegas. Most recently, you saw her on Haters Back Off, Blunt talk, Bad Judge, New Girl, and Fresh off the boat. You can see her on Baking with Josh & Ange on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. And coming soon, she’s hosting a cooking competition called Be Our Chef on the soon the be launched channel, Disney Plus.

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7:34 ~ "Just be yourself. Just be authentically you... you're gonna have people who like you for who you are. And there's gonna be people who don't. You can't make everyone happy. But you can just be yourself."

24:07 ~ "We would sit there and drink tea and watch the hummingbirds. And it's so simple. But those things bring me so much joy... Nothing else really matters except for those small moments in your life. I really think - and who knows what it's like, those last moments of your life - it's those images that run through your mind."

25:54 ~ "I yearn for those moments - those moments where the world is kind of shut out and you're just with someone sharing a quiet moment... That fills me up."

26:50 ~ "Thinking about having an iced tea with my grandmother and watching hummingbirds. It's so calming to me. Or walking with my dad. Him holding my hand. Those little moments. That's really all that matters. And we work and it's great to have work and fulfill yourself creatively, but I think those little moments with friends and family are what carry me and sustain me."

27:27 ~ “You have to make what gives you joy a priority.

39:49 ~ "All you can be responsible for is how you show up. And you show up and you do your thing and be prepared. That's all you're responsible for. And the rest is out of your hands. And to worry about it is just such a waste of energy. And you can hope for it. That's different than worrying about it. You can be optimistic. But there is an element to all of these meetings we go on - job interviews, whatever your profession, that is 100 percent out of your hands. But what's in your hands and in your control is being professional and being prepared.”

1:00:24 ~ Angela’s Morning Affirmation:
I am happy.
I am loved.
I am healthy.
My body is strong my mind is strong.
I am safe.
I am prepared.
I am successful.
I am thankful.
God is good.

1:05:44 ~ "For me, including God is including a reverence for something bigger than ourselves... Acknowledging that we are part of something bigger and honoring that."

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