On neurodiversity, interestingness, coolness and luck.

Actor and philosopher Luka Jones can be recognized from his roles in Best Friends Forever, Up All Night, and most recently, People of Earth. Currently, you can see Luka playing opposite Aidy Bryant in the show Shrill on Hulu.

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33:02 ~ "I think often if everybody's being honest especially and it's not people trying to lie to anybody or mislead anybody on purpose, often it's just because the people in question experience the world a little bit differently and have different, deeply embedded natural assumptions about what certain kinds of nonverbal behavior means or... tone of voice or ways of communicating..."

41:21 ~ "Here's what's true. You have a bunch of beliefs right now. I have a bunch of beliefs right now... No not one of us has all true beliefs. A bunch of our beliefs are false and some of the ones that we hold importantly dear are false."

46:33 ~ "I think it's a bit more ideal, at least intellectually, to go, 'my beliefs are separate from me. They're not a part of myself.' So, I can't have them all ripped away at once or else I'll just collapse... won't know which way is up and down. But if I'm wrong about God and I find out that God exists... I'm still me. And that's okay... My value isn't affected by whether or not I was wrong about that."

45:41 ~ "Talking is a way of connecting. Going over interesting material and subject matter is a way of connecting. And seeing why... why they think what they think, because I want to see what I think about their reasons for believing that. And maybe they have something in there that I haven't thought of yet.”

1:03:03 ~ "I just have too many experiences of finding people beautiful, from my perspective, that maybe the masses might not agree with me about, or finding people funny that the masses don't agree with me about, or interesting, that... I don't care what the masses think. I care about what I feel is interesting and beautiful and funny, etc. and I don't see why other people shouldn't feel the same way about their own point of view. And so once you really accept that, then it becomes less important, at least I think to me, that like everybody thinks that I'm beautiful or handsome or whatever. I just care that the person I want to think that I'm handsome, thinks I'm handsome... Enough. Handsome enough... enough to, mixed with my other qualities, to be like, 'oh I want to be around you. Let's hang out and get intimate.' And then yeah. It's a nice side effect if another like 20 or 100 people think you're handsome or pretty... that like feels good too, I guess. But that's less important."

1:23:29 ~ “We wanted to do it. We've done it. If it stops or, you know, settles down, like it does for everybody that ever existed, like okay.”

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