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Actor, comedian and writer, Mo Collins. You know Mo from everything. She did 154 episodes of Mad TV and has done a million things since. You might recognize Mo as Gina from 40 Year Old Virgin,. You also know Mo from Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, Lady Dynamite, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Modern Family. You can currently see her in Fear of the Walking Dead, Season 5 premiering this coming Sunday, June 2.

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13:40 ~ "By the time you go through this... You just watch. Your capacity expands. And so, therefore, you can be grateful and say, 'thank you universe for presenting this piece of shit for me, because it means I'm going to grow. So thank you for thinking I have the room for that.'"

20:39 ~ "You didn't do anything wrong... This is part of your journey and the universe knows before you do that you can handle it. And by the end of your journey here you'll have all of this as part of your story and you get to lay that head down and go, 'Oh. I've walked through some shit. And that's me and that's my journey. And good on you.'"

29:31 ~ "Nobody's dying from this. Nobody's getting fired. So, we're good. Go fuck it up. Have fun... Don't put too much into it. Put your best into it. But beyond that, take care of yourself."

30:25 ~ “One thing I enjoy asking of the universe is ‘remove my burden.’

47:11 ~ "I'm always looking for my victories. No matter how small. And some days that victory might just mean I got up and went for a walk."

49:38 "If I do not feel like getting up, get up and go for a walk. Even if it's one block. Give the universe that opportunity to give you a little god shot... To help pull you out of it. You might end up smiling at somebody or maybe somebody smiles at you and just that tiny little thing can change your chems. You see the right flower. You see a squirrel. Just something simple. Something life affirming. And it just changes your chems just that bit. Or it doesn't really change your chems. And you go back and you go lie back down. But you did it. And there it is. That tiny victory."

51:16 ~ “Some days I lean into it. Just smash it like a pie in the face. Look at it. Look at it. Why. What. How ugly is it... 'What are you going to do with this, Maureen? What you gonna do with it? You gonna kill yourself? You gonna do that? No you're not. So what are you going to do with it? You just need to stare at my ugly face for a little bit and wallow in it? OK.'"

1:02:53 ~ "Go to your love list. What do you love to do? And do it. Whether it's a sideline project, you do it. You must. It must be part of you... Let it infuse your shitty job. But do it. Don't say you don't have time for that thing that you love. You make time for it. Find it... It's important."

1:04:35 ~ "The universe, as stubborn as it is, is also malleable. And if you are putting your energy into something, it's going to change shape and maybe help you."


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