On aging, agelessness, and swimming deeper when you’re sinking.

Yara Martinez has been in several shows, with highlights including, Southland, Alpha House, True Detective, and I Love Dick. Currently,  And right now, you can see her in both The Tick on Amazon and Jane the virgin on the CW.

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22:27 ~ "The only thing - literally, the ONLY thing - that we are certain of is that we age and we die. That is the only certainty we have from the time that we are born is that we age and that we die. That's just the human condition. So to deny our only certainty in life - to spend so much time trying to avoid the only certainty in life... robs us of the opportunity to cultivate the one thing that actually makes us ageless, which is wisdom." - KF

23:33 ~ "If I wanted to, I could spend HOURS a fucking day now on this beauty routine, that beauty routine, working out, getting my hair colored... I mean it could be a full fucking time job. Just not aging. And wouldn't that be a shame if all of that time stopped me from meditating, going to therapy, reading all these books, being present... all of the things that help me actually expand in a way that really makes me AGELESSLY beautiful." - KF

29:06 ~ "We have so much that gets in the way of us being at peace... myself, when I think of my SELF, or my favorite self... is when I feel the most peaceful and expansive. So that, to me, is the goal - to try to maintain that space as much as possible."

30:29 ~ "We're constantly being told that we don't have enough. So to actually be happy or at peace, you have to defend it. It's active."

44:22 ~ "We all have these needs, but we don't really focus on our needs. But the truth about needs is that they can be met. In a bazillion different ways. Instead, we focus on the behaviors and we criticize ourselves for our behaviors... Until we identify the need that created the habit, we can't actually change the habit." - KF

47:47 ~ "The feeling changes. It flows. That's how it is with everything. It's not just death. You need to just take a deep breath and let it flow to allow for something else to come... That movement needs to happen."

1:06:47 ~ "If you don't let that go. If you're holding on to all of that, you're not gonna allow yourself to experience anything that's actually happening and leave room for the new stuff."

1:07:11 ~ “You should never fight the current, figuratively or literally.”

1:09:39 ~ “You're not in competition with the universe.”

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